The Effect of the Peer Feedback Technique on Students’ Writing Ability in Recount Text

Lydia Putri Anggraini, Tanzil Huda, Widya Oktarini


This study aims to know the effect of the use peer feedback technique on students' writing ability in recount texts. A quasi-experimental design was employed, involving eleventh-grade students from SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Jember. The sample consisted of two classes: Class XI Bahasa as the experimental group and Class XI IPA 3 as the control group, comprising a total of 42 students. Data collection was conducted through a written test. The findings indicated that the average pre-test score for the experimental class was 79.32, while the average post-test score was 89.58. The results of the independent sample t-test analysis revealed a Sig. (2-tailed) value of 0.000, which is less than the predetermined significance level of 0.05. Consequently, the null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected, and the alternative hypothesis (Ha) was accepted. These findings indicate a significant effect of using the peer feedback technique on students' writing ability in recount texts.


peer feedback; writing ability; recount text;

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